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what is hiyo?+
what does it taste like?+
is it healthy?+
thanks for being so descriptive...logical follow up question, why is it healthy? i’ve seen the word organic?+
what’s in the can?+
how’s it going to make me feel? you mentioned “the float”...?+
does this have any alcohol?+
does hiyo have caffeine?+
my grandma likes cbd, what should i tell her is different about hiyo?+
what are adaptogens?+
what are nootropics?+
what are functional botanicals?+
can i drink too much hiyo?+
can i drink hiyo while pregnant or breastfeeding?+
can i drive after drinking hiyo?+


where can i find hiyo?33
where do you ship?33
how much does shipping cost?33
what forms of payment are accepted?33
when will my order arrive?33
can i change or cancel my order?33
what is your return policy?33
my order arrived damaged or never arrived.33

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