peach mango

peach mango

our peach mango is a bright blend of fruits that encourages you to enjoy the moment. sweet peach twists with smooth mango to create a tropical tango so delightful, you can almost feel the trade winds blow.

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peach mango


carbonated filtered water, organic flavors, organic cane sugar, organic erythritol, organic peach juice concentrate, organic orange juice, organic mango juice concentrate, organic ksm-66 ashwagandha extract, l-theanine, organic cordyceps mushroom extract, citric acid, organic ginger extract, organic turmeric extract, organic gum acacia, organic fruit and vegetable juice (color), organic lion’s mane mushroom extract

Functional Ingredients

hiyo is a stress-relieving social tonic mindfully crafted with organic adaptogens, natural nootropics, and functional botanicals.

  • ashwagandha

    an adaptogenic herb that helps relieve stress in the body by regulating cortisol levels. fun fact, we spell ashwhaganda wrong 50% of the time.
  • lion's mane

    a nootropic (and incredibly beautiful) mushroom that supports mental clarity and performance. lion’s mane is basically your brain’s best friend.
  • l-theanine

    a calming nootropic that we like to call the “happy molecule.” it is known to brighten mood, enhance focus, and improve sleep.
  • cordyceps

    an adaptogenic mushroom that boosts natural energy and fights fatigue. rumor has it, cordyceps also slows the aging process and increases libido, keeping you young and sexy.
  • ginger

    a plant whose rhizome (or root, for us non-scientists) is used to aid digestion and soothe nausea. a healthy gut means a happier you.
  • turmeric

    a plant whose key active ingredient, curcumin, acts as a potent anti-inflammatory reducing pain while promoting healthy liver function. think the opposite of a hangover...