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mindful social tonics crafted with organic adaptogens, natural nootropics, and functional botanicals to elevate your mood and empower you to be truly happy in your own.


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meet the hiyo fam

we could go on and on about why hiyo is a healthy and delicious alternative to alcohol, packed with mood boosting and stress relieving functionals, perfect for that 5pm wind down or social occasion - but we'll just let our community speak for us instead.

variety pack (best seller)

our best-selling variety pack makes it easy for you with a 4-pack of each of our craveable, original flavors - peach mango, watermelon lime, and blackberry lemon. crafted with organic adaptogens, natural nootropics, and functional botanicals, hiyo provides a stress-relieving, mood-boosting lift we like to call "the float."

feel the float

the functionals in the float.

 ‘the float’ is a delightful stress-relieving, mood-boosting sensation that comes from 1.5 grams of organic adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals packed into each and every can of hiyo.


an adaptogenic herb that helps relieve stress in the body by regulating cortisol levels. fun fact, we spell ashwhaganda wrong 50% of the time.

lion’s mane

a nootropic (and incredibly beautiful) mushroom that supports mental clarity and performance. lion’s mane is basically your brain’s best friend.

passion flower

a flower whose beauty is only overshadowed by its incredible health benefits, a natural remedy for those seeking relaxation.


a calming nootropic that we like to call the “happy molecule.” it is known to brighten mood, enhance focus, and improve sleep.

lemon balm

a plant that’s like a gentle hug for your body and mind. its natural mood stabilizing properties can help bring a little more peace to your day.


a plant whose rhizome (or root, for us non-scientists) is used to aid digestion and soothe nausea. a healthy gut means a happier you.

already have a favorite?

when it's love at first sight, you just know it - pick up a 12-pack with just your favorite floaty flavor.

blackberry lemon

our blackberry lemon is a flavor journey for the bold! rich blackberry packs a tangy punch as zesty lemon notes round out this complex profile. appeasing the pickiest of palettes, even the wine enthusiasts will be impressed.


strawberry guava

our brand new strawberry guava is bright, tangy, and just plain beautiful. the taste of ripe strawberries blends with the exotic essence of guava, gliding down the hatch like a sunset to the sea.



our watermelon lime is a light and playful ode to summertime. refreshing watermelon finished with a crisp hint of lime, transporting you and your taste buds to a sun-drenched, simpler state of mind.



our peach mango is a bright blend of fruits that encourages you to enjoy the moment. sweet peach twists with smooth mango to create a tropical tango so delightful, you can almost feel the trade winds blow.



feel the float

love from the founders♥

if you’ve scrolled this far and are still wondering what hiyo is, simply put, we’re a tasty, fruit-flavored bubbly beverage with lots of healthy ingredients to make you feel good. beyond the actual drink, we’re a brand that is trying to change the way the world drinks, making it easier to drink a little bit less, and prioritize your health a little bit more. it’s our hope that hiyo helps you on your pursuit to living a healthier, happier life.

-cygne, george, evan